I went on a mission! I ordered longfins from China, various breeders in the USA, Thailand... I wound up with junk! Contrary to popular belief, a Kohaku is not a white fish with one red spot randomly placed anywhere on its body! I got rid of all of them, as fast as I could, to a pond fish broker.

Well... I don't give up easily so over the last couple of years I continued mentioning the "need" for these fish to my fellow associates. Brett Rowley mentioned a friend, who is also a professional fish farmer, in Danbury, Texas. Brett even said he saw a couple he wouldn't mind having! (Sorry Brett)

Here are some samples of what the fall (2005) brought:

These are likely the nicest available anywhere.

Vance Shultz was the name Brett told me about. Vance is HARDCORE Longfin! I waited almost a year to get these fish. It was well worth the wait. These fish are bred first and foremost for finnage... not the deformed looking that other "breeders" have available. These have nice rounded, flowing fins and swim in a strong, fast, coordinated, yet graceful manner! Second. This man culls HEAVY for pattern and color. A Kohaku is a Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Utsuri, Bekko, Asagi, are correctly patterned and represented.

I only was able to get a couple of hundred for this year. They are 3-4 inches and have to be grown to 7-8 inches before I feel comfortable selling them to hobbyists. As long a Vance has fish I will buy them, if and when, they are available. He isn't big because he doesn't keep junk. The junk gets used for other purposes about his facility. Matter of fact... VERY few GOOD fish breeders are “big volume" producers. The 2004-2005 batch is nearly gone already.