I chose these fish out of over 100 varieties raised at my Koi quarantine facility location. They provide color; withstand ALL Koi medications, including SupaVerm, which I've tested on them repeatedly. These fish are VERY aggressive but they don't even think about bothering the koi as some (many) of the other varieties will.
They die in water less than 60 degrees so you better be heated or live in the deep south to keep them. They are AWESOME aquarium fish at a rate of 1 fish per 10-15 gallons.

Cichlids are great “indicator fish". They go batty at a moderate to high level treatment of Potassium Permanganate (PP). When you see their adverse reaction you'll know your treatment is "hot enough" and working properly on your parasites. You'll also know that you need to sit yourself RIGHT THERE and keep an eye out.

This is NOT damaging your cichlids; they just flat don't like PP at over 2.5 PPM. If you see one actually roll over your treatment is TOO HOT for the koi and the cichlids. You need to stop the treatment with Sodium Thiosulphate or Hydrogen Peroxide.