After constructing many concrete ponds from 1988 to 1997, and seeing the fish that people put in these ponds, I decided to begin supplying my customers with Koi. Good Koi. HEALTHY Koi! I began small, selling fish out of poly tanks and directly out of my 28,000 gallon pond. In 2002 I went all out, incorporated, got my import licensing and aquaculture certification, and began my current facility.  I have even more expansion in the plans for the future.  

I'm very selective about my fish sources. There are only a handful of people I let select for me, if I am unable to be there myself.  I am very serious about disease prevention.  These guys are all trusted friends of mine.

Brady Brandwood Brett Rowley Mark Bodycott Ray Abell What makes a Koi pond?In my years of KoiDumb, I have seen, and built, many, many ponds. Koi are very resilient creatures and will adapt to nearly any type of environment. I've seen them in fountains, shallow liner ponds with no filtration, old abandoned swimming pools with no filtration, little Mickey Mouse, preform water garden, kits from Homeless Depot and every variation in between.

Now. Here's what makes a REAL Koi pond.  First you need water volume.  As much water volume as you can possibly afford to provide.  You need filtration. Expensive, efficient, filtration which MUST include some type of settlement/solids removal, a biological element to make the toxins inert, some type of final polish to remove the very fine particles in the water so you can SEE the fish and finally, an aeration system which can be a properly designed waterfall or an air pump and diffusers. More is better!
I'll make a statement many will disagree with ....the ones promoting these “filters” are either using them indoors or another “controlled” environment or making money off of them.  These are the shower filters.  Big, miraculous units with various types of media from charcoal to lava, bio balls, titanium balls to a much hyped, overpriced, ceramic thingy called Bacteria House Media from Momotaro Koi.
Folks. The worse thing that can happen to a fish is fast water parameter changes.  Number one problem = PH swing and a close #2 is water temperature swings.  These shower filters BLAST water through media which is exposed to the air... ambient air temperature.  In Miami, during winter, you can have 80 degree water all day and then the night comes  and it gets down to 45 and your water falls 15-25 degrees (more on a small pond). This is HORRIBLE for the fish.  Imagine this setup in Reno? 90 in the day.35 at night. Devastating to the Koi.  Point made.
Bottom drains in a Koi pond are a must have item.  You need one drain per five thousand gallons , at a minimum, on smaller ponds.  Large to huge ponds with lower stocking rates, can make do with far fewer and large ponds with low stocking rates can get by with moderate filtration too.  Bigger is better.  The absolute minimum size for koi to be kept in is about 1,500 gallons and 3-4 feet deep.
William Lim makes what I consider to be the perfect small Koi pond.  You can't build one any better. They have a small footprint and are perfect in every minor detail since William is an 'old school” Koi keeper himself.  Stocking rates... More arguments.  With a 1 thousand gallon minimum you can keep 3 average sized Koi / thousand gallons. This means Koi in the 16-26 inch range.So. Your 10,000 gallon pond can have thirty, twenty six inch fish ?
Well... Yes and no.. I was saying “average” a mix of sizes if you will.  I glance at a ten thousand gallon pond and see it properly stocked with about 15 nice, large Koi (24 inch and up to thirty ++ inch), or a “mix” of thirty pieces, varying in size from 8 inch to jumbo.
Enough for now but PLEASE... Do your homework before getting into Koi keeping or learn to do it right if you already made the plunge.  Koi Kichi and Koi 2 Kichi are mandatory reading for a prospective Koi keeper or anyone with Koi. Period.  These are available at  All of the other Koi books are outdated, inaccurate, or both.  The main one to avoid, IMnotHO, is Koi health by Erik Johnson, which is proclaimed to be a bible by his marketing team at koivet .com.  I hope this helps you on this long, long road to perfect koi husbandry.  Be diligent!

Here's some recent purchase: Shigeru Mano, of Dainich Koi farm unbagging some of my fish in Houston, and Brett Rowley, with a smile of approval,awaiting my arrival.They were so nice I flew right out there and bought some more!!!