Pond Professionals
Fish medicines and supplies used by aquaculturists.
Need a filter? Then ask for Gary, and tell him what you're trying to accomplish and he'll handle all of it.
Manufacturer of Fiberglass Aquiculture Tanks, Water Cisterns, Fish Ponds, Aquariums and Custom Fabrications.
World's Largest Selection of Aquatic Tools.
Brett is a good friend, professional fisheries biologist, and was the first in the USA to breed Champion grade Koi from Dainichi bloodlines.  He offers information on breeding and sales of championship quality Japanese koi.
CNW Netting (Christensen Net Works) manufactures a complete line of aquaculture netting and sports netting products.
Includes articles on water quality, diseases, technical notes, emergencies, common myths and product reviews. Sign up so you can access hos chemical calculators and other quality info.
Koi-Bito is a new English-language Koi magazine produced in Japan exclusively with the serious Koi hobbyist in mind.
Koi lovers worldwide says this is the "MUST HAVE BOOK" for serious hobbyists.
Most of the content of their Koi magazine is also available here, online.
We have a world class message board, live underwater cameras, pictures, and much much more.
Brady Brandwood's has an excellent page. He features photos, pricing and contact information for breeder of exotic fish.
Supplier of show quality Koi including Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Shiro-Utsuri and Tancho.
Mark Bodycott's has an excellent page. He is a USA Koi America's Leading Importer of Show Quality Japanese koi. USA Koi has the largest selection of Japanese koi on hand in the USA.
They manufacture the wave pumps, quality filtration, and other excellent products.